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How To Decorate Your Sofa With Scatter Cushions

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In my last blog, Why & How To Accessorise Your Home, I had mentioned cushions are a great and easy way to add colour on your sofa and style to your home. If you are thinking of re-decorating your living room, instead of re-painting or re-carpeting, consider adding a few cushions to spruce up the space. You can use cushions to pull together the colours and elements used in the room and tie the room together.


  • Select your colours

This is an important step as this will decide which cushions you will buy and the end result of your room. Look around your room and select 2-3 colours that exist either in a wall art, vase, coffee table, curtains, in some element in your room. Make sure all these colours are complementing each other and not too bright. They should look good together. there are many online colour swatches that you can google. Some even tell you which colours complement each other, colour family etc to make it easy for you to match and select your colours.

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  • Number of cushions

The number of cushions on your sofa depend on the style of your room. If it is a traditional style room then even numbers of cushions are recommended. this gives a more symmetrical look. If it is a modern style, then odd numbers are preferred. A simple guide to follow is - 5 cushions for a 3 seater, 4 cushions for a 2 seater and a single armchair will take just 1 cushion.


  • Selecting your cushions (colour, shape and size)

Have your colour palette close to you when selecting your cushions. Not all the cushions will have all your selected colours in it. Most of your cushions will only have 1 of your colours in it but that has to be the dominant colour. Try and find 1-2 cushions that have 2 or 3 of your colours in it. This way (combination of your main colours) you can tie your 3 main colours together.

Different shapes and sizes of cushions will add depth to your cushion selection. For example a square solid colour cushion with a patterned rectangle cushion works quite well.

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  • Arranging your cushions on the sofa

As I mentioned earlier in the post, you can either decorate your room in a  traditional style (even number of cushions) or modern style (odd numbers). If you choose the traditional style, then go for the classic way which is matching cushions at each end. This gives a symmetrical look which is very classic and traditional looking.

With the modern style (odd number of cushions) you have some freedom with arranging your cushions. For example you can have 2 square cushions at each end and a rectangle one in the centre. Or 3 cushions at one end and 2 cushions at the other end. There are no rules so just keep playing with the arrangements and sizes till you find the look you love.

Shopping for cushions online works out best as you have the colour palette and your room in front of you to decide which cushion works best. Shop online our range of cushions below.

 Happy Shopping.


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