Why & How To Accessorise your Home

Why & How To Accessorise your Home

Hi Everyone.

I know how difficult it can sometimes get, selecting the perfect accessories for your home. It can get a bit overwhelming. And that is why some people stop decorating before reaching the most important part; accessorising your home. Just placing furniture in your home is not enough.

So it is important to know why you should invest a bit of your time in accessorising your home.

  • It creates a personal atmosphere
  • It reflects the owner's taste
  • it makes a house your home

Dressers, bookshelves, mantles and coffee tables all look beautiful with a bit of attention. So how can you accessorise your home without it causing a chaos in your life? Here are some tips from experts and from my design experience to help you in selecting the right pieces for your beautiful home.

  • Before you start searching for accessories, select a color scheme for your room. You do not want to end up with random pieces that clash with each other or the room. Once you a have solid colour scheme decided, it will be easier to pick up accessories based on those colours. For example, if you have a neutral colour scheme, bright or contrasting colours will definitely add life to your room.
  • The next step is to select a style. Whether you like modern, contemporary or traditional. Select a style that you can live with. This will help you pick out pieces that reflect that style. If you have a favourite accessory, use that as the main piece and select other pieces that blend with it in style.
  • Another tip that I came across is how to display and group items on mantles, bookcases etc. Group your accessories together in odd numbers, varying heights or sizes. This will definitely add more depth to your display and creates a visual interest.

  • If you are dressing up your dresser, use 2 matching lamps to create balance and symmetry. Next you can also group some accessories together and place them in the centre or next to either of the lamps. Candles work wonders to create a romantic glow.
  • Do not fill your bookcase entirely with books. Break them up by placing some vases or frames. It adds more interest to the bookcase.
  • Mantles are famously decorated with family pictures. You can also add candles in glass holders. Again you can group the pieces together symmetrically or spread them across the mantle asymmetrically.
  • Coffee tables are playing a big part in showing off your taste these days. Books add the height and colour needed. You can pair it with your favourite vase and flowers for a pop of colour. Or groups various pieces of varying height to add depth and interest. If your coffee table looks chaotic, add a large tray. This makes the coffee table look more organised and the tray denotes the display area on the table.

Accessorising your home can be real fun and these tips will help you in selecting and displaying your beautiful pieces like a pro!

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