How To Decorate With Vases

How To Decorate With Vases

Vases are an easy way to make a room look lovely. They are that one accessory most thought of when you are thinking about something to place above a table. Or a mantle. Or at the entryway. These basics of home decorating not only bring structure and interest into your home, but they naturally dress up any space with color and texture.

Below are some ideas how to use vases to decorate your home. 

On the mantle. These winter twigs look fabulous and add interest on the mantle. 

Ideas for decorating with vases | Blog | mishLifestyle

The green leaves give a pop of colour to the neutral colour scheme.


In the kitchen. Love the idea of placing the vases above the cabinets. Gives a beautiful effect.


In the bathroom. Playing with heights in a small space is a clever move and goes a long way. The vase is small, does not take up space, yet the height makes it stand out.


On the staircase. Perk up the staircase by one or a couple of vases of different heights to add interest to an otherwise boring landing.


On the wall. If space allows, these look very attractive and homely on any wall. Its all about DIY these days.


In the corner. The perfect way to spruce up those awkward corners. Have a large size vase fill up the space and make the corner the focal point. Either have flowers to add a burst of colour or keep it simple with twigs.


On the table. Place odd number of vases together. Play with heights to add depth and interest to the setup. Play with colour to make a bold statement or neutrals to blend with the background.

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