How To Create Your Vertical Green Garden

How To Create Your Vertical Green Garden

Hi everyone!

Green wall, or flower walls have become quite the trend these days in home decor. And using artificial greens to create your stunning green wall is the best hassle-free way to do it.

So today I am going to share with you some DIY green wall inspiration. Use these ideas in your beautiful home or you can add some of your creative touch to these too!

Framed Green Wall - Nisreen GabujiCreate a wooden frame around the edge to give a sense of the grass 'growing out'. The wood helps to enhance the natural look. I think this is the easiest DIY.

Green Wall Ideas - Nisreen Gabuji

Or arrange them vertically in a straight line. No frame, no boundaries.

Green Wall In Kitchen - Nisreen Gabuji

Use your artificial greens to brighten corners or those difficult narrow walls.

Green Wall Collage Ideas - Nisreen Gabuji

Green Wall Staircase Ideas - Nisreen Gabuji

What a gorgeous way to add colour to your neutral staircase.

Vertical Green Herb Wall Ideas - Nisreen Gabuji

A rustic way to hang your herbs or artificial potted plants.

Wall Mounted Green Wall Ideas - Nisreen Gabuji

Make your wall mounted planters a feature wall. The burst of natural colour adds life to your room.

Browse our fantastic range of artificial plants, flowers and green wall here.

See you again soon with some more inspiration!


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