Your Guide To Boho Home Decor Style - Tips and Ideas

Your Guide To Boho Home Decor Style - Tips and Ideas

Boho style home decor or bohemian interior design style is really the talk of the interior town these days. So here in this blog I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the Boho design style and ideas and tips of how you can transform or design your space into a gorgeous Bohemian room.

Bohemian room decor

What is Boho Home Decor?

Boho decor is inspired by people who choose to lead an unconventional life. It is a different mix of patterns, colours and objects from many areas of the world. Bohemian design is full of life, colour and culture. It is a carefree, relaxed and unusual style of decor.

What is the Boho colour palette?

Bohemian decorating involves warm earthy colours such as deep browns, greens and grays for base colours, as well as metallic and jewel tones. You can then accessorize with purples, fiery orange and electric blue. Use white to bring a little visual space into the equation. Go all out in combining and layering colours.

boho style home decor

What materials are used in Boho home decor?

Natural, basic materials such as burlap and sisal can be combined with silk and chenille. They key to decorating a Boho room is to mix and match decorative materials. The materials should have a slightly worn out look - not shiny. Use furniture pieces that have a fringe, crochet and macrame abound. These could be pillows, scatter cushions, throws or rugs. So basically it is the opposite of minimal, modern and sleek look.

Electric Blue Bohemian Room

What furniture is used in a Bohemian room?

There is no particular style of furniture for this design. Use furniture that you have collected over the years in your house. It doesn't matter if it is second-hand. Each piece of furniture should tell its own story. So you can go to a vintage shop and enjoy having a look around and pick up furniture items and decor pieces that you can relate to and tell your own unique story. Remember no two-rooms will be the same, with each room telling its own special story.

Below I have curated a few gorgeous rooms designed in the unique Bohemian decor. Get inspired!

Textured Boho decor style room

Deep purple Boho home decor

Bohemian home decor style


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