2019 Home Decor Style and Trends

2019 Home Decor Style and Trends

Oh, we are already a week into 2019! New year is an opportunity to reboot and embrace something good and new and leave behind the bad.

Similarly on the home front, there are always new trends and styles emerging every year. Here I have compiled some tips from interior designers on what they think will be the new home decor colours and materials to look out for this year.

1. Floral Fabrics And Wallpapers

"The traditional beauty of floral patterns, either abstracted or straight up chintz, will be the pattern to use." — Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design

2. Rich Jewel Tones With An Edge

"Right now, I am loving deep, rich jewel tones with an edge. Bold indigo, hunter and emerald green, and dark teal all feel ready to have a moment outside of the kitchen. We’re layering living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms with paints, fabrics, accessories, and rugs in these colors to create drama against a backdrop of white architectural elements." — Jeff Andrews of Jeff Andrews Design

3. Mixed Metal Accents

"An ensemble of metal accents (no more than a mix of two to three different metal accents) used throughout a room is in, and will always be a timeless and tasteful way to create balance and definition in an environment. For example, brass, gold or nickel accents mix well with either oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents. Metals like silver and pewter can mix well with bronze and black brown metals. It’s all about moderation and context." — Keita Turner of Keita Turner Design

4. Natural Elements

2019 move towards fresh, natural materials such as stone, copper, concrete, and granite. These elements will help bring an organic and serene ambiance to any space while reflecting the world around your home.

5. Lacquered Furniture

"Shiny doesn’t always equate to pretty. A little sparkle in a room is always visually pleasing, but an overly polished piece can become trite very quickly." — Randy Powers of J Randall Powers Interiors

6. Rose Gold

"Rose gold has overstayed its welcome and I think it'll be all but gone by 2019. It's such a specific look and doesn't integrate as seamlessly as polished nickel or antique brass." — Corey Damen Jenkins of Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates

7. 90% White, 10% Colour

"There was a moment while I was watching the Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton show by Virgil Abloh that I though...'THIS is it!' I was inspired by how the collection was built on a foundation of white, but gently unfolded to embrace confident hues with bracing edge. The look was fresh, bold, and youthful. For recent project, I created a bedroom for a young lady that incorporated this trend. Tempered by neutral layers and tons of texture, it's a design that reflects this "of the moment" color recipe while staying true to the personality of the client." - Jon Call of Mr. Call Designs

8. Richer Colour Palettes

Though muted colors can help you avoid making spaces feel overwhelming, designers believe that 2019 will be a year where bolder colors are preferred. Richer hues throughout your home can make your more muted furnishings and decorative decor pop. Lookout for dramatic reds, statement pinks, bold yellows and organic greens.

9. Burnt Yellow

Previously this shade of yellow was seen as too overwhelming and dramatic, yet in the coming year, the bolder the better. Yellow is a color that exudes happiness, confidence, and cheer. Whether used in accents or statement pieces, burnt yellow is sure to make your home feel joyous in 2019.

10. Black And White Decor

A truly timeless design trend, black and white furnishings will want to be on your list of trends to incorporate into your home’s decor this 2019. The visual contrast of black and white will provide a sense of balance and boldness to your home’s space.

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